Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Pimp up your SdKfz Officers.......

A Hallo,
after the "Planen" for the SdKfz 251 is time for new parts.

What a HQ-SdKfz 251 need?

Right a HQ-SdKfz 251 need a Rahmenantenne.



Battelfront SdKfz 251

PSC SdKfz 251

Both SdKfz has the new Rahmenantenne from Heer46.

At the end of the war the German starts with some new technology for night fights. One of this system are the UHU-System for the SdKfz 251.

Now you can use this new technologies for your SdKfz 251

Battelfront SdKfz 251

The system you can use for PSC SdKfz 251 to.  

Here you see the complet set for the UHU-System.

We have the IR system for the SdKfz 251, now we need more fire power with an IR-System.

The Panther with an IR-System.

Here you see the Panther IR-System for Panthers (battelfront, PSC)

When you have your new HQ-SdKfz, your UHU-System and the IR-Panther you  need new officers. 

Here the new german officers.

I hope you like the new supplie for the german army.


P.S. You can find all the new parst in my webshop. Look at the Point "neu"

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