Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

German Panzerzug


I would like to arrange a showing of the finished armored train from Dominic Roth from the german "flames of war"forum.

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

More Panzertriebwagen.........

The next two Panzertriebwagen are done. First, a Kommando Panzertriebwagen and a Infantrie Panzertriebwagen.
The price is € 14.90 per Panzertriebwagen with one track section.
So you can now create your own armored train.
Do you like them?
Send your order to

Kommando Panzertriebwagen

Infantrie Panzertriebwagen

all three Panzertriebwagen

You want more tracks!!
Look down to the first post with trains. 

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Ahoi....soviet gun boat 15 mm

Ahoi ....
Our first ship is built (15mm). These are the type with armored turrets.
The length of the ship is about 27 cm.
The price is € 29.90 per boat.
If you want to place an order, simply send an email to heer46 @ hotmail.
Do you like it write a comment.

P.S. I'm on vacation until 18:07:11. Then I edit all orders