Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

The big boys comes to town

The big boys comes to town.....

In February or March the E-100 comes in two visions.
First the E-100 with the Krupp turret and the other is E-100 Ausfûhrung B.

Here you see the E-100 with the Krupp turret.

Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Hunting season - E50 Jagdpanzer

Hunting season ........for the new E50 Jagdpanzer (1:100).

After the E50 and the E75 you see the next tank from the E Serie. The E50 Jagdpanzer.
The chassis and the tracks are made in resin. The two guns and the IR System are made in metall.
One E50 Jagdpanzer cost 15€.

Painting E50 Jagdpanzer Ruben Torregrosa

Painting E50 Jagdpanzer Ruben Torregrosa

I am very happy to present you three videos from
In the video you can see how Ruben paint the tank and you see different techniques of painting a tank in
15 mm (1:100) on an high standard.
Sit back and look this great tutorials.

                                       1. How to paint german Tanks 1/3 - Modulation

                                      2. How to paint german Tanks 2/3 - Weathering

                                        3. How to paint german Tanks 3/3 - tracks


Shipping (E50,E75, Löwe)

National shipping (Germany)

1-3 tanks 2,20 €
The porto is free at 4 tanks

International shipping

1-3 tanks 3,50€
The shipping is free at 4 tanks

Send your order to
You can pay with paypal.

Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

Review Löwe, E50,E75 and SDKfz 251 Canvas Covers


here you see  two reviews from Amroth about the Löwe and  the german "Planen" set for the SdKfz 251.


Painting by Amroth
Sd. Kfz. 251 Canvas Covers (FOW)

Painting by Amroth
Nice work Amroth and thx for this reviews.

Another review is from Agis about the E50 and E75.

E50 painting by Agis

E75 painting by Agis
Nice work, thx Agis

Montag, 24. September 2012

E75 Jagdpanzer first Files

E75 Jagdpanzer with IR-System

E75 Jagdpanzer with IR-System

Here you see the first files for the E75 Jagdpanzer with an 12,80 cm gun.
The tank comes in November with two guns (metall)  and one Infarotsystem. The chassis and the tracks are Resin.


Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

E50 and E75 available (1:100)

Now it's  done!
The E50 and the E75 are now to the sale for the introductory price of 15€ per tank.

The E50 comes with one gun and the infarot-system (metall), the hull and the tracks are resin.    

picture from



The E75 comes with two guns and the infarot-system (metall), the hull and tracks are resin.

picture from


Shipping (E50, E75, Lion)

National shipping (Germany)
1-3 Tanks 2.20€
the porto is free at 4 tanks.

International shipping1-3 Tanks 3,50€
The porto is free at 4 tanks.

Your order send to . You can pay with Paypal.

Montag, 27. August 2012

NEWS E50 and E75

The production of the E50 and E75 are completed.
Today, things are packaged and sent to me.
The packet should then be Thursday or Friday for me.
I'll start with the delivery on Monday. Each has reserved in advance, will receive an info next week from me.

P.s. Now i have the Tanks here.
Picture will comes.  The prices for the E50 is 15€ and for the E75 is 15€ + shipping. More Infos tonight

Montag, 30. Juli 2012

New Project the E50-Jagdpanzer (1:100)


her you see the next project from Heer46. The E50 Jagdpanzer.
This tanks comes in Sept or in the first weeks of Okt.


P.S. I hope you like it

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

E50 and E75 Master are ready






Her you see the new master for the E75 and E50.  

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012


here you see the Löwe in 1:100 (15mm).

The Löwe is made from resin and comes with the two canonen (white metal).
The price of the Löwe is 16,50 € per Kit.
I ship all over the world.
Price for shipping is for 1-3 Löwe 3,50€, if you buy 4 Löwe or more shipping is free.
You can pay with paypal.
Send your order to  
                                            Löwe with the 10,5 cm gun

                                         Löwe with the 150mm gun

You want a free Löwe booklet?
This is for you

Sonntag, 18. März 2012


my staff have worked hard yesterday.

The first Löwe were shipped and more were shipped in this week.

I say thx for all orders and for waiting. I hope you like the littel cat.


Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

The Löwe is awake


here you see the picture from the first Löwe Kit (1:100).

All work is done and now  i start the pre-order for this kitty.

The tank comes with two kanonen one you see on the picture from the E-100 and a second one is
the 10,50 cm.

The kit is made in resin, the two kanonen are with metal.

When you order a Löwe until 04.03.12 one tank cost 15,00 € . Shipping is world wide (USA, GB, New Zealand,Russian usw.) 3,50 € for 1-3 Löwe.

If you take four Löwe there are no shipping cost.

After this time the price goes up to 16,50 € for one Löwe.

Send your order to

You can pay with paypal.



Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Customer picture "Planen" for the SdKfz 251


here some picture from Bede - New Zealand.
On the picture you can see 3 planen from the set.

 The SdKfz looks excellent.
 Thanks to Bede


Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Pimp up your M3 Halftrack


its time for the alli boys to pimp up there M3 Halftrack with "Planen"
The set comes with four planen and some stuff for the M3 Halftrack.
You see on the picture a battelfront M3 Halftrack and the four planen.

M3 Battelfront Halftracks, the right Halftrack have the MG ring from Battelfront with one plane.

                                       Here you see the complete set with the
                                       four planen.

                                 This stuff for the Halftrack is in the set.

The set is made in white metal and one set cost 6,50 €.
Your can send your order to
I shipping world wide.