Freitag, 20. September 2013

Big Löwe in 1:48

As planned the project Loewe is on its way.

But since such a project requires considerable funds a Kickstarter will be started in the not so far future.
We are beavering away on the Kickstarter preparations, already.

The Loewe will get two turrets:


The first turret will come with the regular gun. The second turret will house a 5cm dual-FlaK.
But it does not end there, be prepared for some surprises!

But in the meantime, enjoy the pictures of our 1:100 (15mm) Loewe and drawings of the FlaK-Loewe.


Dienstag, 17. September 2013

PRE-ORDER ends at 22.09.13


the pre-order for the new E-100 Serie ends at 22.09.13.

After the pre-order the tanks cost 17€ per tank.

The tanks a now in the shop for 16€.

When you buy all three tanks, you get a free "Max Wünsche".


Dienstag, 3. September 2013

T-34 Bergepanzer

Here you can see the first test prints of the pieces for an T34 Bergepanzer.
The tank body is from Battelfront.

Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Here they are.....pre-order starts

Here you see the first picture from the E-100 Serie

    E-100 with Krupp turret

E-100 with Krupp turret

E-100 Krupp turret

E-100 with Ausführung B turret

E-100 Ausfûhrung B

E-100 Krokodil

E-100 Krokodil

E-100 Krupp turret with no mud guards

E-100 Ausführung B with no mud guards

The three amigos

Battelfront Kt and E-100 Ausführung B

Battelfront Kt and E-100 Ausführung B

Battelfront Kt, E-75 and E-100 Ausführung B

Battelfront Kt and E-100 Ausführung B

E-75 and E-100

The Serie will be ready in September.

But you can order now the new E-Serie.

The price for the pre order is 16€". 

Shipping cost for international orders are between 3,50€ and 4€, when you come over 60€ shipping cost are 1€.

You can order the tanks in my web shop now.