Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Bergetiger / Ladungsträger 15 mm is ready


so i want to show you my new bergetiger/ladungsträger turret for 15mm. The turret is made for an battelfront tiger (see picture). It was complett white metall and comes in 6 pieces.

Same info the the bergetiger:
In 1944, three Tiger I tanks were field converted by the sPzAbt 509 to recovery vehicles and redesignated Bergepanzer Tiger. In November of 1944, all three were transferred to the sPzAbt 501. Meanwhile, a lone mid production Tiger I that had been damaged near Anzio in Italy was rebuilt and converted by the workshop of sPzAbt 508 into a special purpose vehicle. Its gun was removed and the turret traversed to face the rear then locked in a fixed position. A winch was mounted atop the turret along with a tubular 10-ton lifting crane, which enabled it to recover and tow damaged/ mired vehicles. It was also equipped with other auxiliary equipment so that it could lay and clear demolition charges.
This particular Bergetiger recovery tank was attached to the schwere Panzer Abteilung 508 and deployed to Italy in 1944.

The turret cost 5,90€+ Post.
Send me a mail if you want it!


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