Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

The Löwe is awake


here you see the picture from the first Löwe Kit (1:100).

All work is done and now  i start the pre-order for this kitty.

The tank comes with two kanonen one you see on the picture from the E-100 and a second one is
the 10,50 cm.

The kit is made in resin, the two kanonen are with metal.

When you order a Löwe until 04.03.12 one tank cost 15,00 € . Shipping is world wide (USA, GB, New Zealand,Russian usw.) 3,50 € for 1-3 Löwe.

If you take four Löwe there are no shipping cost.

After this time the price goes up to 16,50 € for one Löwe.

Send your order to

You can pay with paypal.




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