Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

WIP Soviet gunboat in 15 mm

Heer46 goes into the water.

After armored turrets and trains it's time for something special !!!!!!!

In cooperation with Andy by Imperial Modelbau I am very pleased today to present you our latest idea for the 15 mm range.

Something great !!!!!

We are already in the construction of the prototypes for two Russian gunboat of the type and BKA1125.

The boats will have a length of about 25 cm and 27cm .

There will be two versions (see picture)

We will have the story down to the boats you read the post and it also contains original images.

Soon to follow are the first pictures.

Until then, AHOY


P.S. the russian weeks are open...more for the russian army in the next weeks....

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